Faucets work to intercede, and control the flow and temperature of water into your water-basin, tub, or shower, and can create real problems if damaged or lack of maintenance. A working faucet, on the other hand, can add beauty to your powder room, or kitchen. It can be the key to tying together a room's design.  Most importantly, a fully serviceable faucet allows you to adjust and customize the best clean up experience. So what are the components of a faucet?  

Faucet Parts

                 Clearly, most faucets have handles, spouts, and a base. The handles regulate, and adjust temperature and water pressure while the water flows out of the spout.  The base is the part of the faucet that allows it to properly fit on the sink, tub or wall without causing it to rock, or spin freely. Most faucets also have a mesh aerator, cartridge, and or stem. The cartridge or stem helps regulate temperatures while the aerator distributes the water and balances out the water flow to prevent splashing. In addition, to controlling temperature, cartridges and stems control water pressure through a series of holes and stops that close or open as the faucet handle is turned. 

Optional Faucet Parts

There are many components to consider when customizing or upgrade your faucet. In addition to the primary spout, some faucets may include a filter spout that allows you to connect directly to your filtration system. Other faucets may include a detachable sprayer head that makes it easier when washing dishes, produce and other kitchen goods. They also improve the mobility and reach of the faucet. In the shower, there are a variety of sprayer heads that are perfect for washing those hard to reach places that a standard shower might not reach. 


Why get your faucet from SAP Home Repair?

While it is hypothetically correct that you can purchase your own faucet, and have SAP come out and install it, SAP Home Repair sways their customers to shop with us to find your perfect faucet. One common mistake homeowners make when purchasing their own faucet is thinking their dream faucet will fit any fixture imaginable. Obviously a shower head will not fit a bathroom sink, it is fairly easy to mistake Jacuzzi faucets with tub faucets or to try and add a small kitchen sink faucet to a bathroom. Purchasing the perfect faucet can be full of complications, and shopping with us ensures that you will not waste your money on a faucet that will not fit, or is made for a different fixture  set up. 

Using SAP Home Repair to purchase your faucet ensures quality work. As with any homeowners home, SAP is dedicated to giving a premier experience by only providing the best faucets on the market at a price that works for your budget. 

When purchasing a faucet through us, we warranty and install the faucet for you and will ensure a quality job well done the first time. Our team of experts will also check for common problems with your pipes and fixtures upon the installation to ensure that you're not installing a brand new faucet on old, or damaged systems. Our promise of providing quality work ensures the durability of your homes plumbing fixtures, and can save you thousands by catching any problems early, and with our faucet replacement services you can have peace of mind knowing that your dream faucet will last you YEARS! 

Faucet Packages

Kitchen faucet Installation  $199.99 

Lavatory Faucet Installation  $159.99