Signs that your home needs a repipe

Does discolored water come out of your faucets? Are you experiencing low water pressure? Are you noticing leaks? Water Spots? These are the beginning signs that it may be time to replace some pipes in your home. 

If your home has galvanized piping, the brownish, discolored water that is coming out of your fixtures is more than likely caused by the rust in your piping.  If you're also noticing low water pressure around your home then the rust in your pipes has started to eat its way through the piping in your home, creating pin-hole leaks along the way. 


When should you get your home repiped?

In some cases it can take years for rusty pipes to reach the tipping point, and cause a catastrophic leak in your home. As soon as you notice signs that the pipes in your home are rusting or have holes, you should definetly start to consider a whole home repipe. If you wait until the last moment then you will more than likely have to not only pay for the entire repipe, but you may also have to pay to have water damages fixed, replace furniture, and valuable items. Also, if you are having a kitchen or bathroom remodeled it is also recommended that the replacement of any old, and rusty pipes is made. 

As a precationary measure, we at SAP Home Repair Services offer both immediate, and long term resolution to fix rusty and damaged piping in your home. These game plans may take some time, due to the materials we use. At SAP we strive for the best way to not only get the job done, but we also find a way for the process to  be least invasive to your home as possible. To ensure that the problem is properly fixed and does not happen again SAP uses the best plumbing system today has to offer: PEX piping. 


pex piping

Why is PEX piping optimum?

PEX piping is a unique system because of their durability, and flexibility. PEX pipes do not rust or corrode like copper pipes, or galvanized steel pipes do, meaning you do not have to worry about pinhole leaks becoming a pest in your home. And because PEX pipes are able to expand 3x their original diameter and return to their original size without any wear and tear or damages they can withstand expansion from freezing water. PEX pipes ability to do this separates them from other piping systems such as CPVC, copper, and galvanized steel; making PEX piping the best of their kind. 

PEX'S flexible and durable design also allows them to make wide curves so that fewer tie-ins and connections are needed compared to CPVC, and galvanized pipes that require more connections to make a proper fitting. The PEX pipes can often be directly routed from the point of entry to the point of use, and in a highly pressurized system like your homes pressurized water pipes, few connections mean fewer areas where ruptures, and leaks could occur. 

All of these qualities make PEX pipes design the best in the plumbing market. We are able to create clean installation processes, maximize savings, and provide long - term reliability for you. Not only is it less-expensive to repipe your home using PEX piping systems, but you can have peace of mind knowing that your pipes will not rust, leaving your home dry, water clean, and more money in your wallet.