Clogged Drains, Sinks, and More


What causes sinks, and drains to get stopped up?

Stoppages are the most common service calls that we receive. Drain clogs, and stoppages happen for many reasons and can occur anywhere and any time. 

Clogged Drain Vs. Main Line Stoppage

If you notice water backing up in the lower drains of your home for example, a tub and shower drains then you have a main-line stoppage.  Main line stoppages are different than a simple clogged drain because they affect the entire home. If you are experiencing something similar, then do not hesitate and give us a call ASAP! 


What causes drain clogs in the kitchen?

In a kitchen, food is the major miscreant in a stopped up kitchen sink. Stoppages occur when food particles, and grease build up further into the drain line of the kitchen sink. The slime produced can slow and finally clog the sink. These stoppages, and clogs can often be cleared by cleaning, and clearing the p-trap assembly underneath the kitchen sink. 

What causes drain clogs in the bathroom?

In bathrooms, hair and soap residue causes a slow drain in tubs, and showers, which overtime can eventually clog completely. Not to mention toilets, they are prone to a number of stoppages throughout the years. Often stoppages, and clogs can result in a number of secondary damages to floors, the walls of your home. After the stoppage is cleared, our remodeling team can assist you with any additional home repairs needed, such as dry wall, sheet rock repair or replacement, and painting.